Inspired by Steve McCurry, his photography comes straight from the heart: the close contact with new cultures shapes his artistic vision of the shot, the art of showcasing his truth to the world.
  • He has exhibited in over 50 cities, including Milan, Genoa, Lucca, Bari, Alghero, Olbia, Cesena, TTG di Rimini, Rome, and New York at the ‘Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards’ in 2021.
  • He was invited to exhibit in Rome at the FAO for World Soil Day in 2022. Some of his images were selected by UNHCR in 2018, and he won first prize at the Pistoia Photo Contest in July 2022.
  • He has won the Travel Photo Award 2023 by The Independent Photographer.

The Team

Jenna Smith

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Erik Johnson

Video Director

John Elite

Senior Photographer

Louise Magnet

Senior Photographer